Dolphin Lures 
  Mahibite-Soft Head
  Dolphin Bites
  Super Mini Bites
  4\" Super Mini Bullet Bite
 Wahoo Lures 
  WahooBite Jr.
 Sailfish Lures 
  Flathead Billfish Bite
 Marlin Lures 
  Mahi-Bite Soft Head
 Tuna Lures 
  Pelagic Plugs
  Super Mini Bites
 Custom Hook Rigs 
  Custom Hook Rigs by Bigbite Offshore
 High Speed Trolling Rigs
 Rigging supplies 
  Premium Fishing Leader
  Terminal Tackle
 Replacement Squids 
  12.5\" Squids for Wahoo-Bite and Wahoo Bite Jr.
  Wahoo Bite XXL and Wahoo Bite Jet Head Replacement Skirt
 Lure Bags
 Making It Happen Wahoo Fishing DVD



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