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High Speed Trolling Rigs : BigBite Offshore High Speed Trolling Rig (64oz)     By: BigBite Offshore

Item ID:    207
Price:  $32.00
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Want to high speed troll for wahoo but don't know how? Let BigBite Offshore show you how.
This rig consists of a 64 ounce trolling lead which is directly laid on 900lb. 7x7 49 strand cable. This is connected to a custom, high quality ball bearing swivel on one end and a heavy duty ball bearing snap swivel on the other.

We also offer a shock leader which consists of 25 feet of 400pound Momoi Hi-Catch Mono. Using this rig, along with our "Wahoo-Bite" lure, will allow you to troll upwards of 20 knots while still keeping your lure in the target zone!




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