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Sailfish Lures : Flathead Billfish Bite : Flathead Billfish Bite(Pink/Black)     By: BigBite Offshore

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Price:  $14.99
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BigBite Offshore's "Flathead Billfish Bite" Lure is specifically designed with machined holes in the head of the lure to get the disturbance of a fleeing baitfish. We typically troll this lure at speeds of 6 knots, and have caught several different types of fish with it. Also works very well if trolled naked over a rigged ballyhoo.


-Machined concave head is made of chrome plated brass

-Weighs over 6 ounces

-Head screws off for easy replacement of skirt

-Total length of 7 inches

**Care to have your lure rigged?  Let the professionals at Bigbite Offshore rig this lure with 6 feet of 150 pound Momoi monofiliment, 9/0 stainless steel Mustad hook, and a clear chaffing loop protector.**




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