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Its show season Bigbite Offshore is staying busy!  Click the link to see what we're up to and also to get our latest dolphin recipe! Click here for more info



 BigBite Offshore High Speed Trolling Rig 
 Our upgraded high speed trolling rig!! 
 Team Makin It Happen Wahoo Fishing Video 
 Team "Making It Happen" How to Wahoo Fishing  
 Wahoo Lure Special! 
$225.00  $150.00 266
 A Package Deal for 2 High Speed Lures + DVD 
 Wahoobite Jr. (Blue/White) 
 Our Wahoobite Jr. lures are a hit around the  
 Wahoobite XXL--Rigged 
 Tournament Winning High-Speed Lure! 
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